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CanVasc is the Canadian network for research on vasculitides. It was created in November 2010 by Drs. Pagnoux, Carette and Khalidi. The first task was to identify referral medical centers and physicians across Canada with expertise in vasculitis and who were willing to be part of this new research group (core members). Among its several other aims, important ones are to help conduct studies on vasculitis, provide support and educational material on vasculitides for physicians and other health care professionals and, eventually, optimize the therapeutic management of patients with these rare diseases.

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CanVasc recommendations for the management on ANCA-associated vasculitides are now available and published

One of the objectives of CanVasc is too harmonize and optimize the treatment of patients with vasculitides and, eventually, improve their outcomes, wherever they live in Canada. The development of recommendations will help achieve this goal. For the past 3 years, CanVasc core members had been working hard to develop this first recommendations for the management of ANCA-associated vasculitides. They are now (November 1st, 2015) published in the Journal of Rheumatology (link HERE), with an executive summary in the Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease (link HERE).

Recommendations for the other vasculitides are under development.  

Review studies on vasculitis actively recruiting in Canada

Several prospective studies on vasculitis are ongoing across the world, including in several Canadian centers. Have a brief overview of these latter ones, including ABROGATE, PEXIVAS, DCVAS, BrainWorks and TAPIR on the study webpage and determine whether any of your patients could participate to any of them.  

PATIENTS can also ENROLL THEMSELVES directly into the VCRC contact registry or the V-PPRN research network! Several studies are ongoing and rolling already with the active participation of patients leaving in North America, including some studies led by CanVasc researchers! See the links to these registry and network and get more information on this very innovative way to conduct patient-oriented research on the Link page.

Update your knowledge on vasculitis with CanVasc online materials

  • READ the latest CanVasc reviews of recent articles:    commented summaries of selected and important articles on vasculitis, for physicians to keep up the pace with scientific publications on vasculitis on the Vasculitis page !

  • PR3-ANCA+ patients, especially relapsers, achieve remission with rituximab more often than with cyclophosphamide. December 2015
  • How the classification of vasculitides can help and impact their therapeutic management. June 2015
  • Recommendations from the EGPA Task Force group. May 2015.
  • CanVasc needs assessment questionaire results (development of the ANCA vasculitis recommendations). 
  • Renal Immune Complex Deposition in Patients with Primary ANCA-Associated Vasculitis. March 2015.
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis. March 2015. 
  •  Download some presentations given by CanVasc members at conferences and meetings: go to the Meeting page !

Become a CanVasc member

If you are a health care provider interested in vasculitis and CanVasc activities, you can register by simply sending us an email (, specifying your name, surname, profession, address and full affiliations. At this time, membership is free and does not imply anything (please note that core, associated and affiliated member status is for physicians already identified by the CanVasc bureau).
You may receive occasional information by email on the CanVasc meetings or studies. CanVasc is a non-profit scientific network. You will not receive any unsollicited mailing from other companies or groups. 


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